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#ifndef OPTSVEC
#define OPTSVEC

extern void meanCosetRepLen(
   const PermGroup *const G)

extern FIXUP1 reconstructBasicOrbit(  /* Returns word length of longest coset rep. */
   PermGroup *const G,
   const Unsigned level)

extern void expandSGS(
   PermGroup *G,
   UnsignedS longRepLen[],
   UnsignedS basicCellSize[],
   Unsigned ell)

extern void compressGroup(
   PermGroup *const G)        /* The group to be compressed. */

extern void compressAtLevel(
   PermGroup *const G,        /* The group to be compressed. */
   const Unsigned level)      /* The level at which compression occurs. */

extern void sortGensByLevel(
   PermGroup *const G)


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